Time for Bartomeu to Resign and Call for New Elections.

Mission Accomplished. Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu have reached their goal of creating their own legacy apart from Joan Laporta’s legacy. They inherited one of the greatest teams to ever set foot on a pitch and set about on changing the club’s identity that of success to that of farcical failure, all in the pursuit of making the club profitable. This is the end. The masterminds behind the downfall of FC Barcelona must leave now so that the members can elect someone more competent to run this club.

Yesterday’s embarrassing defeat should bring down the curtains on Bartomeu and his stooges. Pique spoke to the media following that demoralizing loss and had this to say, “We can’t be in Europe like this. The club needs changes, structural ones, not players or managers. I’m the first to leave if new blood is needed, because now, we’ve hit rock bottom. We can’t keep covering it up any longer.” Barto also spoke to the media, calling the loss a disaster and that “we have not been the team we are, or the club we represent. We are very sorry for that.” It was great to see him squirm in front of the cameras, after the Barça players and Setién were a public humiliation for the whole world to see.

Nonetheless, it’s too late for apologies from Barto. This president and his board have become experts in incompetence, and the idea of allowing Barto and his board from making more decisions that shape Barça’s future would be grossly negligent. For far too long, they have been allowed to run this club to the ground with their poor decisions not just how they ran the football team, but with La Masia, the basketball team and the other professional teams. The time has come for them to leave now.

Barça continue to regress, with every Champions League exit worse than the last one. Last year, Jordi Alba responded to criticism from fans after their 4-0 loss to Liverpool by saying that Barcelona have spoiled people by winning so many titles. Yes, we have been spoiled. We have one of the greatest footballers in history and the club surrounded him with mediocre players and coaches. Barto’s blueprint for success resembles a house of cards next to an open window during a tornado. The time has come to for someone else to run the club.